How to Raise Awareness of Limp Loss in limb loss awareness month

limb loss awareness month

How to Raise Awareness of Limp Loss in limb loss awareness month

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April is national limb loss awareness month. We join with many organizations to celebrate this special occasion. We join with Indianapolis Rehab Hospital, LimbPower, Limbless Association Inc., Blesma, Douglas Bader Foundation Inc., Bader Health Care, ConnectiveTissue, The London Prosthetic Center, The Chicago Dermatology Institute, The Ohio State University, The Scripps Clinic, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, and The Scripps Clinic. The mission of the Indiana Department of Correction is to rehabilitate and provide for the needs of persons convicted of crime. To further their goals of building a better society and to make our prisons more effective, we are pleased to support the work of local prison programs that address the problem of over-arm hair removal, skin care issues, and hair removal products. Visit our website and learn more about the Indianapolis Criminal Justice Center.

According to the World Health organization, in the United States there are approximately 9 million people who are missing a limb. Of these 9 million people, nearly one million people are missing both a permanent and removable limb. Approximately half of those missing a limb are younger than twenty-five years old and half are over fifty years of age. If you or someone you know is missing a limb, please visit the following websites to learn about the National limb loss awareness month.

Limb Loss Awareness Month

The American Medical Association recommends that everyone over the age of twenty-one have at least one limb loss prevention and treatment plan in place. This includes wearing a safety shoe with proper cushioning to prevent pressure sores. There are many other devices on the market that you can purchase to help lower the risk of losing a limb. Visit the following sites for information on how you can help prevent loss of limbs due to injury or vascular disease.

The American Association of Cosmetic Surgeons is hosting a free seminar to increase awareness of problems with excess skin, poor posture, and poor diet and exercise habits that can lead to issues with self-confidence and depression. On April 10th, many cosmetic surgeons across the country will be participating in the fifth annual APSlimming conference in Indianapolis. Those living with limb loss and limb differences can attend this conference and share their experiences with others. To increase public awareness, participants are encouraged to contribute articles to the proceedings.

When you are planning an event such as the one we are featuring today, it is important to use a variety of resources to attract more attention. In addition to raising awareness for your cause, you will also find that the media will take notice and feature it on their front page, websites, and evening news shows. When April is mentioned, millions of people will know about your organization and what you are doing to support those living with limb loss and limb differences. Plan a press release for the date, and distribute your press release to local newspapers, television stations, and Internet sites.

If you have a blog or website promoting raising awareness for the disabled, consider creating a new page about your organization. Post articles, photos, and stories about the subject matter on your site, and make sure that links back to your website are included in all your activities. Contact local newspapers and TV stations to promote your initiative. In most cases, local newspapers and television stations are happy to publish short columns that mention the event you are sponsoring, free of charge, as long as they include general information about your organization. This way, anyone who is interested in your work and service will come to your booth or seminar. Contact web site owners and ask them to post similar articles.

Another way to promote raising awareness of limb loss in April is to distribute raised pieceware featuring an appropriately named limb loss awareness ribbon. The raised pieceware can be purchased at any major department store, and if you shop online, you will find many online stores that sell these products at reasonable prices. Make sure that all employees wearing the awareness ribbons are properly trained regarding its proper wearing so that the raised pieceware does not come off, since it is an advertising and marketing tool as well as a promotion of your business or cause. These awareness ribbons can also be distributed to employees, family members, and friends. Remember to make sure that everyone wears the ribbon, and be sure that the ribbon is large enough and long enough to be hung on the person’s coat or shirt.

Lastly, your organization can support the April issue of LoM magazine. This is an outstanding publication that features articles on a variety of topics, and they do focus on issues dealing with persons who have limited or no limbs. This month, LoM will feature an issue focusing on the issue of limb loss. There are numerous ways that you can promote your organization’s support of this issue including holding a fundraising event to benefit the cause, and having a fundraiser for a local school or a nursing home that provides support for people with limited limbs. If you are a person who cares about the issues surrounding people with limited limbs, and who wants to take part in supporting the mission of LoM magazine and the cause for a limb free society, then consider the ideas above.

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